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Group Transportation

We started Joyrides because we felt there should be a more transparent, fast, and reliable way to book group transportation services online.

Our Mission


Simplify and streamline transportation options for consumers and businesses everywhere.

Our Story

Joyrides is a software company based in Denver, CO and founded in 2016. The company started out as a partnership between Myhub and IndiCard where the two company's teamed up to provide group transportation to concerts in the greater Denver area.

Today, Joyrides has evolved into an online marketplace where anyone can browse group transportation in their area and book those rides using our platform. Rather than having to browse the web, call up companies, get price quotes, and go through a lengthy booking process - Joyrides provides a transparent and seamless booking experience for all parties.

Meet The Team

Jill Schneider

Jill Schneider


Jill's originally from Boston and moved to Colorado 8 years ago for "wicked better skiing." She's a co-founder at Myhub and handles marketing / operations for Joyrides.

Myles Bailey

Myles Bailey


Myles hails from ATL, Georgia but spent his formative years in the Montana wilderness before heading to Denver. Myles is a co-founder at Indicard and handles sales / partnerships for Joyrides.

Eric Hubbell

Eric Hubbell


Eric's originally from Iowa but bounced around in Europe and Vermont before making his way to Denver. Eric's a co-founder at Myhub and handles technology / finance for Joyrides.

Braden Holt

Braden Holt


Braden went to business school at the University of Denver where he discovered his love for programming while working in excel spreadsheets. Braden spends his days working on the Joyrides web app and other technologies.

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